Do i restart named after updating zone file

09-Sep-2017 08:53

do i restart named after updating zone file-72

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Starting off our exercise, let’s make a new zone file.With the default configuration, you’ll have a default master zone located in $TTL 86400 ; one day @ IN SOA ns0. ( 2016030100 ; serial number 28800 ; refresh 8 hours 7200 ; retry 2 hours 864000 ; expire 10 days 86400 ) ; min ttl 1 day NS ns.homecloud. It needs to be referenced for it to be used, and to do that, let’s move to the second step of our adventure, editing the config to have some domains that make use of our new zone.Add your zone to unit to apply the configuration change.If you are running your own DNS server, you might as well use it for all DNS lookups.A @ IN A * IN A records - we ignore those). It will point whatever domain in this zone to (localhost, probably nowhere if you’re not running a web server locally). Let’s make another zone file in doesn’t point to any useful domain — you can make additional zone files that point to internal zones too, but I don’t want to reveal network internals here).And, because this is simulating 1968, after adding these files, they still do nothing at all.

See Resolv.conf#Preserve DNS settings on how to keep this from being overwritten.

While on its face this may seem an excessively friendly default, DNS data is essentially public (that's why its there) and the bad guys can get all of it anyway.

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