Dating watch

11-Jan-2018 21:50

There are still plenty of gents out there and this is a way of giving women the power and opportunity to find their very own model male to take home." The pop-up is located at 34 Thayer Street in Marylebone, and is open to the public from today until Friday 4 August between 11.30am and 3pm.Brands2Life said it might roll out the campaign to other cities across the UK later in the year.Unfortunately, tying the knot is not on our 33-year-old bachelor’s mind, so he makes a plan that seems destined to succeed.

Speculation about Domingo and Park peaked when the pair was said to have secretly met in South Korea, with a Filipino fan claiming to have spotted them.Brands2Life creative director, consumer, Ollie Edwards said: "There's so much competition in the UK dating market so Match needs to show that it attracts a higher quality of singles than its rivals.