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18-Oct-2017 15:00

Safety continues to be a big area in which the world must be extra cautious and with online everything growing it is even more an area of concern.The baby boomers might need some helpful advice from their children in this regard, especially if they have not yet become internet savvy. ” I was face-to-face with a young professional woman in her early 20’s who was calling into question my integrity, but I wasn’t offended in the least. As I asked her questions about what life was like for her outside of work, and she admitted living with her boyfriend wasn’t what she thought it would be like. That’s when I suggested maybe she and her boyfriend should live in separate places, and it wasn’t well-received.I was actually happy to have this conversation with her, because I was eager to take the opportunity to give this girl a different perspective on something that could change her life for the better. My husband and I did not live together before we were married and we didn’t have sex before we married, either.” “There is no way! These days, the hook-up culture and cohabitation are normal.

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It’s critical for parents to explain the real purpose of dating to our children and give them some effective marriage preparation, but it’s just as important for singles over 30 to offer the right example of dating to younger singles.Before you choose a site and start building your profile, think about what you truly want…